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Close your eyes, clasp your hands behind your head, stand at the edge of the bed and fall backwards. If you are listening to Guides You Home by Kingsman Khan, I promise you that it will take the entire length of the song to feel the mattress on your back. The POP artist, from Sydney Australia, has a way of slowing down time with their new single, ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself and enjoy it deeply to your core. Written to echo the popular electronic sounds of the 70‘s and 80‘s this song can literally transport your mind through time and space.

Slow, steady, and deeply soothing, Kingsman Khan’s single Guides You Home, really seems to have a special power to do just that. As if just the simple act of pressing play and closing your eyes will allow you to ride sonic waves directly “home“. Whether home is a place in your mind or a physical destination, this song can take you there, both physically and metaphorically.

It’s also a great tune to throw on some trippy lights and dance in the dark to, as well… no, not in a creepy way…just in the way that finds you may have eaten and entire bag of gummy edibles and now you just want to “feel the music“. With a driving electro/pop rhythm, whimsical synth tones, and a unique but inviting vocal sound, Guides You Home is truly a transformative song, that is fun and pleasant to listen to.

Listen to more music from Kingsman Khan, here:

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