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RaisedbyWolvvs is here to spread a message of honesty and truth, and his new single Insane, does just that. A song about the struggle of mental health and tumultuous internal dispute, Insane is an outcry and a beacon. The song is about being comfortable in your own “insanity” and not adding the unnecessary pressures of conforming to an already overloaded psyche. There’s a lot to be said about being able to know yourself, and live with yourself happily. Mental stress and health is an important part of daily life and interactions and being “good with yourself” is the first step in functioning with those around us and through daily struggles.

Insane is a vehicle for the future of what rock may sound like. Unique in style, RaisedbyWolvvs has created a sound that is both reminiscent of 90’s grunge and futuristic, in it’s own right. His use of 90’s undertones and Trap/Lo-fi 808 drum packs creates an unexpected but excellent medley of sound. Wolf is a producer, singer, songwriter and usher of new “renaissance rock“.

The product of an American father and Brazilian mother, Wolf was exposed to music from a young age. He learned piano and guitar from his father who was a rock musician, attending his father’s rehearsals in Pampano, Flofida the young artist gravitated heavily toward rock music. No stranger to pain and tragedy, Wolf lost his father to illness at the age of 14, leaving his family in poverty and with nowhere to turn. Personally, RaisedbyWolvvs turned to music and his friends for solace, submerging himself into the culture of music in his South Florida home town. Wolf began to find his calling as a producer of hip/hop and rock, when life began to hit hard again. Losing friends to drugs and violence, Wolf knew it was a time for a change. The artist moved to California and started creating music as an outlet to deal with his pain, loss and personal experience. He has created and curated a unique sound through working with various artists and musicians, and it is clear that he will be making more high-quality and enjoyable music that is unboxed by genre, for time to come.

Listen to more music from RaisedbyWolvvs, here:

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