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Talii Drops Saucy New Single ‘Thickness’

Born and raised in Orlando into a family of musicians and performers, buzzing artist Talii has been immersed in music her whole life – starting to sing at 3 and writing songs by 7.  While it was only around a year ago that she launched her solo career, We have been keeping a close eye on Talii since her debut single, “Lost”.  Blurring the lines between Neo-Soul, R&B and Pop, she has been turning heads since the start with her impressive, sultry, dynamic vocals and authentic lyricism.  

Following up on her early summer jam, “Front Seat”, which was praised by Billboard as being, “delicate, lush and reminiscent of the tropics,Talii is now back with her latest offering – and it is most definitely my personal favorite so far.  Produced by GBliz, the track relies on mellow synths, rolling basslines and a bit of a retro tinge perfectly arranged to leave plenty of space for Talii to deliver her saucy, sensitive and seductive vocals.  The new body positive tune brings real and relatable lyrics that no doubt help us all to feel a bit more comfortable in our own skin.  

Already making some major waves, Talii remains hella consistent with her latest tune and continues to prove that she is without a doubt an artist to watch.  Make sure you check this one out and make sure you don’t miss the gems she has dropped previously.  Thank me later.  

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