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Talii’s Sexual Energy Shines in “Good To Be Bad” [VIDEO]

Talii’s provocative track “Good To Be Bad” begins with a hard, bass sounding beat that co-exists with the singer’s seductive high-pitched voice. She lures the listener in “Grab your hands around my neck/ tell me I’m your favorite.

This tune will be great as bars and clubs begin to open up in the next few months. Talii will be there to guide you as you dance the night away, relieving all of the loneliness that has built up over the past four months.

Make her feel special, she begs. Talii is looking for security and affirmation from her partner. She even employs a great metaphor, “light me like a cigarette, smoke it till there’s nothing left.” Talii’s night-life song will be heard all over the country in due time.

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