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Tara Prager: Life in LA, Plans for 2024 and New Single "Ego" [INTERVIEW]

Tara Prager's latest single, "Ego," is not only a powerful testament to her skill as a singer/songwriter, but is also a perfect glimpse into the depth of emotion she pours into everything she touches. Since making the move to LA just under six months ago and launching her solo project this past August, Tara has quickly carved out a niche for herself in the Pop scene, while continuing to establish a strong connection with her audience fast-growing audience. In just a few months and with only a handful of releases in her repertoire, she as already been able to reach ten thousand monthly listeners on Spotify - totally independently. Her Soulful Dark Pop sound, coupled with crisp production and entrancing vocals, has proven to be an irresistible combination; captivating listeners every step of the way since the launch. With her background in musical theater, Tara is able to craft memorable lyrics that weave intricate storylines beneath the surface. With a genuine passion for both singing and acting, Tara Prager seamlessly combines these elements to create a unique and compelling musical experience.

Her latest single, "Ego," not only helps to build the hype for her debut EP due out in March, but it also proves Tara Prager as an undeniable artist to watch. With a massive stash of songs at the ready and an unmatched work-ethic to back it up, Tara Prager is gearing up for a major onslaught this year - make sure you hop on early.

"Ego," stands out as a poignant expression of self-discovery and empowerment in the face of judgment and resentment within a relationship. It's an anthem for finding one's voice, standing up for oneself, and letting go of what no longer serves us. With the release of her first EP, "Time 4 T," fast-approaching anticipation is building amongst fans, who have come to appreciate the authenticity in her work. To accompany the project, Tara is also planning to pair the music with a full-fledged video campaign, creating assets for each song, all of which tie together into a narrative that unfolds as you listen/watch. Tara's commitment to a visual storytelling experience is evident in her choice of a dynamic creative team, ensuring that her songs come to life on the screen. Tara's personal journey, especially after a painful breakup following college, is laid bare in this EP, providing a cathartic experience for both the artist and her audience.

This EP, described by Tara as extremely healing, navigates the spectrum of emotions associated with significant life changes. It's a genuine and relatable narrative that resonates with those going through times of self-healing. Tara's hope is that her story, encapsulated in this EP, will serve as a source of solace and inspiration for others facing similar challenges. With influences from artists like Billie Eilish, Madison Beer, Emei, Dove Cameron, and Ellise, Tara Prager's music embodies the essence of R&B and Dark Pop in a totally authentic way that only she could.


RDFO: Since launching just this past August, what has been the most excited moment for you as an indie solo artist so far?

TP: I think reaching an audience of 11k listeners on spotify was definitely one of the most exciting moments for me since launching in August. I have been promoting my music all on my own and doing research on playlisting, submitting, podcasts, etc. all on my own - so to see my music reach a large audience felt so rewarding. I was able to launch my music and move to LA all around the same time, so it was so exciting to see the journey and hard work truly come to life. The fact that strangers were resonating with my music and adding it to their very own playlists felt sacred to me. I am connecting with strangers through my art, and that has always been the goal. I hope that my music has been able to help these listeners  through a hard time or help them to feel empowered. The fact that I have reached an audience in an authentic way just feels so rewarding and made me really excited to continue reaching new people and an even larger audience. 

RDFO: How long have you been in LA and how has the city helped/hindered or just affected your art?

TP: I moved to LA in August (so about 5 months ago) from Colorado. I originally grew up in Arizona so I always knew eventually I wanted to live somewhere warmer. LA truly feels like the perfect place for me. There is a lot of excitement and stimulation but easy enough ways to get away into nature, the beach, and moments of peace. I think the city has only helped with my art. I certainly came to LA on a mission, seeking producers and other creatives to work with and I knew that this was the place to find them. I wanted to go to a place where there were other people actively pursuing their art. I have been able to meet incredible people who have helped me with my music a lot. Since moving to LA I’ve also  gotten sober, which has only helped me to stay present and grounded.

RDFO: What are your favorite places to eat, see a show, relax and party at in LA

TP: I haven’t been here too long but from what I have seen here are my top 3 favorite places to see a show/live music! Coming in at #1 is Jacob Luttrell at The Black Rabbit Rose, he puts on the most amazing performance. You will laugh, cry, and be blown away with talent. Singer/Songwriter night at Desert 5 Spot comes in at #2. Such good vibes, fun atmosphere, and wonderful talent and I’ve met a lot of really amazing people there. And #3 would have to be “Unreleased.” This is actually such a cool story: I went with my friend to this event where I didn’t know anyone and I immediately felt welcomed. I ended up having my first live performance ever in LA at this event and everyone gave great feedback and such genuine love. I also reconnected with a friend from high school in Arizona who is producing out here and now we’ve started working together, which just feels so magical and universey! 

RDFO: In your new song “ego” what are some of your personal favorite lyrics?

TP: The tagline of the song has to be my favorite “I believe in God it’s just not you.” I came up with this lyric when I was going through a breakup with my ex. Our values were not aligning and it was so clear. I felt judged and put on this pedestal that I could never reach. My ex happened to be religious as well and felt that I was not living in my purest form. And although he was right, it wasn’t in the ways that he thought. I was living to please everyone but myself - which also birthed the lyric “Just came out a daze always trying to please you, you always needed praise and I just need to leave you.” I was never going to be as amazing as he saw me to be in just the right ways and he was never going to live up to the potential that I had in my head of him, our Gods were different - and that is really what this song is about. 

RDFO: Anyone you want to shout out that helped you bring the new single to life?

TP: Dante Juhkel and Andy Rule!!! I found Dante through Facebook of all places when I moved to LA. I knew I wanted to find a producer right away and he saw and believed in the vision and I’m so grateful that Dante walked into my life because he is truly an incredible person and a great producer. He’s helped me a lot. 

RDFO: How would you describe your sound to someone you’ve just met and has never heard your music before?

TP: I would describe my music as soulful dark pop. I think because I have a background in musical theater, my writing is very visual and cinematic. I have pop and r&b influences with a theatrical tone. I think as a new artist, I’m still exploring my sound which has been really freeing for me. Who says I have to stick to one genre?  

RDFO: What are you planning/excited for in 2024?

TP: The first 3 months of 2024 are jam packed with excitement! I'm finishing up my first big EP Project, TIME 4 T! We're filming music videos for each song to string together in a cinematic, colorful, creative short film. By the end of March I will have an 8 track EP out as well as some other singles. The summer will be about taking this EP out and performing live! I just really want to continue growing my audience and increasing my creative projects. I'd love to release more singles throughout the summer and start auditioning for films as well. My goal is to be a multifaceted artist. I want to write, direct, sing, model, act, and perform in all capacities. I want to connect through art and storytelling and by the end of 2024 I want to be fully financially fueled by my creative work.

RDFO: We there any one person or event that you would say inspired “ego”?

TP: …. Yes 

RDFO: What do you think are some of the biggest obstacles for an indie artist these days?

TP: I think in the age of influencers, fake followers, and social media it can be really hard to push through the noise. Social media offers a pedestal and a promotional tool - but it can also offer some blocks. Especially for creative people it can feel hard to try and "sell yourself" on social media - so getting over that for the indie artist is definitely an obstacle today. You can't just go and play your music anymore and hope to get discovered - you will 100% get lost in the noise.

RDFO: How many songs would you say you have in the stash currently? Whether finalized or even just part of an idea that you plan on eventually finalizing?

TP: Over 100!!! I absolutely love writing and coming up with melodies so the stash is thick!

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You Go Girl...You don't have to stick to only one genre!

Your music is so real, you'll never meet a stranger you'll only meet Fans!

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