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TELYKast Rock Out with Jordy on ‘Somebody Else’

LA based production trio TELYKast has had some major success since they first launched.  Thanks to well received originals and remixes, they quickly moved up the ladder in the EDM scene to become one of the more daughters after and anticipated acts.

Most recently, they have unleashed their latest single, “Somebody Else”, featuring fellow LA singer/songwriter Jordy.  Yet another impressive release in their growing catalog of smashes, the new single finds a perfect blend between EDM and Rock.  Electronic elements blend with huge guitar riffs, heavy lead solos and Jordys energetic vocals to create an undeniable vibe.  With a massive hook that brings with it a bit of a nostalgic feel, the tune is an interesting, unmatched blend of modern electronic production techniques and 90’s inspired Pop-Punk.

Slamming drums hit in time with massive power chords and angsty vocals – adding to the overall emotion and energy that encapsulates every part of the modern, defiant break-up anthem.  With such a wide array of influences mixed into one tune, I have no doubt that this one will connect far and wide.  Check it.

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