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Temgazi Heats Things Up with ‘Bunsen Burner’

With her ethereal sound and stunning melodies, Temgazi effortlessly demonstrates her carefree and soulful vibe through her new single, “Bunsen Burner”.

The Sydney based singer and past X-factor contestant rightfully carves her position as a sultry, yet carefree, contemporary R&B singer with her soft dreamy vocals, transporting every listener into the cool calculated world she created through her music. The smooth guitar, tranquil piano, light percussion, minimal production, and Temgazi’s vocals all contribute to the creation of an undeniably great hit enjoyable for all music lovers.

Temgazi grabs the attention of each and every one of her listeners leaving them entranced by her sexy voice as she continues to exude her undeniable swag and attitude to all of her listeners.

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