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Temy is Feeling Some Type of Way on ‘Favor’

Ever since Eamon’s, “Fuck It”, I’ve always stood by the fact that I may not love anything more than people talking shit while singing beautifully.  I’m glad that there are still people out there willing to use their naturally fine tuned vocal abilities to vent and let people have it.

Australian based Temy has just dropped, “Favor”, and it has all the sauce.  Beneath beautifully crafted vocals she let’s her ex know that she is all but, “done with it”.  About the release she states, “I wrote this song about my last heart break, I gave myself 2 mins to vent about it and exhale on a beat so I can never speak about it again.

Her powerful, raw, and pitch perfect vocals make sure to pull you in and set the mood before she flips and let’s her ex know exactly how she really feels.  Perfectly placed harmonies stack on top of a contemporary and smooth R&B production.  Muted keys, ethereal pads, a rounded bass and pumping 808’s bring just the right amount of energy for Temy, who lets you know from the get that she’s, “tryna be a savage.

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