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The enigma that is townsend shouts from the distance with "dramamine" and we all hear the grunge pop

townsend had me jamming, slamming drums and breaking my back with "dramamine" a grunge pop anthem for the broken clubgoers, the broken kids, the lost kids and the Romanctic vampires.

"dramamine" is what happens when a broken heart makes music, but they love FINNEAS, grandson and Paramore. The track has this soft almost accepting build, a loving embrace over the pain of the narrative and then it hits you with a break that comes from the soul and throat of a lyrical lead that has had enough, a broken voice over a soft guitar and a screaming synth drum.

The track is an honest and painful rip on the stitches of our hearts and I was there for every second, every rip and I loved being reminded of it all - townsend I thank your broken heart.

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