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The Grass Isn’t Greener: redbook deliver poignant message with new single

Talented music duo redbook have dropped a stunning new single today called ‘little friend’ which will melt all of your hearts. It’s a beautiful ballad, with elements of a lullaby which will soothe and uplift you. This is a song which is mellow yet epic all at once. There is a glorious crescendo towards the end which features the voices of the band’s friends in an entrancing choral arrangement.

Soraya Grosso’s soulful vocals are interwoven with the melodic guitar-playing of Jake Tweddle. Redbook’s home-recorded productions are beautifully put together. When you listen to the band’s musical catalogue to date, it leaves us wondering who their influences are. Whoever they may be, they must be varied. Redbook are so versatile with many genres up their sleeves. They keep us guessing what’s in store next and that’s what so exciting and fresh about this act.

Jake’s guitar on ‘little friend’ would certainly be at home on a James Bay track, yet at the same time there’s a touch of Amy Winehouse in Soraya’s voice. Moreover, the pair have also ventured into the world of dance with a remix of their last single ‘I love you’ and they sound just as great here as elsewhere, although we can’t help but fall for their originals most of all. It’s refreshing to see that a band isn’t too easily categorised. Redbook escape any neat labels and thank goodness for that.

Soraya Grosso and Jake Tweddle, of redbook

‘Midnight’ is the song that started things off for the band, a track which was originally penned by Soraya and which then made it’s way into the hands of Jake, who produced it as part of this duo. An experiment turned into a long-term venture, and the band have since continued to write catchy songs that are fused with great melodic sensibility and poignant lyrics over the past few years.

Redbook are a band capable of crafting timeless music, as this latest release proves more than ever. ‘little friend’ has lyrics that will haunt you: ‘Sing for me / Show me how my life could be / Tell me in what world I see tell me where is room for me’ before the ultimate crux of the song’s message reassures: ‘But all I need was there’. What we have is not to be taken for granted, as green as the grass may seem on the other side. In a world of constant comparisons to one another, isn’t it time that we appreciate what’s right in front of us? Thanks to redbook for the powerful wake-up call.

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