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Things are Looking ‘Better’ for GEO

The only thing better than this next tune is the story behind it.

While living in LA and struggling to find an apartment – all the while facing financial down falls, and self doubt – GEO was shacked up with his girlfriend in her one bedroom apartment when he created this tune on a tiny desk and shitty monitors.  At one of his lowest points, he was having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that he could not be who he wanted to be in their relationship. 

As most artists do, GEO sat down and let his emotions speak through his music, the outcome was, “Better“.  His search for the featured vocalist didn’t take too long, about the track he says, “This song is very special to me due to the fact that my featured artist, Gabriela Francesca, is my girlfriend, making it a bit of a tear jerker for me.  [This song] is a reminder that no matter what you are going through, your significant other will love you through it; this is a tribute to unconditional love.

Now that the tone is set let’s talk about the track.  Jazzy, soulful, energetic, emotional and interesting, this song has a whole lot going for it.  Rolling bass lines, beautiful keys and percolating melodies feel the space while Gabriela blesses the track with heart wrenching vocals.  To add another layer to the fold, GEO brought in Boston based MC Rex Mac to lay down a slick verse to add a bit of an urban touch and another vocal to interact with.  All In all you can feel the love, stress, anxiety, pain and relief in this track.  We dig it.

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