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This is Wavy: Harrison Sands [PREMIERE]

This is what happens when you bring Sands (Harrison) to the beach.  Catch the wave.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Harrison Sands since the beginning of the year, and at every step of the way he continues to impress us.  Steadily bringing beautifully written songs one after another, his sound is as unique as it is relatable.  Like a song you’ve never heard before, but know every word. Everything he touches oozes vulnerability and his latest release, “Green,” is no different.  He once again leaves us yearning for more, while also wanting to give him a hug (weird right?).

Adding another layer to the tune, as well as a bit of edge, is the vicious verse from Local Foster.  Tearing into the track, he leaves nothing but beautiful piano melodies in his wake, making Harrison’s re-entry that much more emotional.

Check out the tune, and when you’re done listening, peep the brief interview with Harrison below.

RDFO: Did you produce this record? What was the process behind coming up with this tune?Harrison: I actually created this track with my good friend Abhi the Nomad. He had this idea for the instrumental and we just bounced ideas off of each other until it began to take shape. The dude is a genius at what he does and I love collaborating with my friends, so this was the perfect storm. The process was really quick and organic actually. We just kept saying “We need this here” or “Take this out here” and once we had the main idea down I just started writing and before I knew it the song was finished. 

RDFO: We love the Foster verse in here and think that he adds a super nice switch from the rest of the track… how long have you and him been friends/collaborators? Harrison: Foster and I have been friends for a couple years now. We met through music and his work with Abhi, as it turns out. I love Foster’s flow and delivery so any time I get the opportunity to get him on a track I jump at it. I really wanted a contrast between the melancholy sound of my verse and the harsh, almost angry delivery of Foster. I think it kind of fits the actual emotions someone feels while dealing with jealousy, an ever changing cycle of sadness and anger. This cycle is what we warn against in the song. 

RDFO: We know you did a festival gig this summer, do you have anymore lined up? Harrison: I don’t have anything big lined up just yet. I’m looking at booking some gigs in the LA area, and putting together a plan for a tour later this year/early next year so keep an eye out. 

RDFO: What is up next for you musically? Harrison: I’ve been tirelessly working on an EP the last couple months (that’s kind of becoming an album very quickly), and it’s coming together. It’s gonna be quite the blend of vibey stuff and “get up and move” kind of stuff. I really wanted a live sound throughout, so it’ll have live horns, strings, guitar and keys everywhere! Not to be selfish, but I just wanted something I could vibe out to onstage while performing. It’ll be pretty shweet if I do say so myself.

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