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Thomas Porter Continues to Prove Himself as One of Sydney's Artist's to Watch with "Ghost"

Thomas Porter has returned with yet another stunning addition to his catalog with his recent single, "Ghost." In 2022, Thomas embarked on an eventful musical journey, marked by the release of his debut EP, "Manic Pixie Dream Girl," and he has steadily amassed a dedicated following, boasting close to 14,000 monthly listeners on Spotify who eagerly anticipate his music.

"Ghost" represents a thrilling departure from his usual pop melodies, embracing an upbeat electronic sound that brims with energy. The infectious Pop chorus seamlessly merges with a lively vibe, cementing its status as an undeniable hit. Porter's artistic vision for this track was clear, as he expressed his desire to create more high-energy songs that would resonate exquisitely in a live performance setting.

Hailing from Sydney, this talented artist has not only won over his critics but is poised for an even more remarkable 2024. We can only anticipate the arrival of more exceptional music as Thomas Porter continues to redefine his musical style. His journey thus far has been nothing short of extraordinary, and his unwavering dedication serves as an inspiring testament to his artistic prowess.

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