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Tim Gent Drops Flames – Rising Son

If you ain’t heard about Tim Gent yet…. you are slacking.

Tim has been making a name for himself, growing his fan base and lighting tracks on fire since 2011, with a flow and lyricism to keep up with Hip-Hop veterans.

With pure ability and a unique way with words, it is easy to see why people have been paying close attention to the Clarksville, TN artist.

Earlier this year (April) he dropped the critically acclaimed, “Clarksville Nights“, and since then Tim Gent has been hard at work and is now set to start dropping an onslaught of tracks.

Following up his last banger, “Additional Charges“, Tim hits close to home with the new joint, “Rising Son“, (produced by Free P) off his forthcoming EP, “For the Love”.

This goes super hard…


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