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Tinsley Releases New Single "Distract Me"

Tinsley's latest offering, "Distract Me," is a poignant dive into the complexities of modern romance and self-awareness. With a candidness that cuts through the noise, Tinsley sings of using love as a means of distraction, confronting the allure of bad boys with an unapologetic honesty that is both refreshing and relatable.

As a Seattle-based indie pop singer and songwriter, Tinsley has been making waves in the music scene, garnering support from notable platforms like KEXP 90.3 and tastemakers such as Mr. Revillz. Her performances at renowned music festivals like Capitol Hill Block Party and Belltown Bloom have solidified her presence among esteemed artists, showcasing her talent on a grand stage.

Tinsley's journey to prominence is as organic as it is impressive, starting from sharing her original compositions on social media platforms to collaborating with some of Seattle's finest electronic producers. This trajectory speaks volumes about her innate talent and the magnetic pull of her music.

With her upcoming EP "Love Songs" slated for release, Tinsley continues to captivate audiences with her introspective lyricism and infectious melodies. "Distract Me" serves as a compelling teaser of what's to come, promising an exploration of love in all its forms that is bound to resonate deeply with listeners.

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