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TJ Hickey and Ollie Joseph are fully committed on “Bet It Right”

TJ Hickey is a 29 year old recording artist out of Boston, MA, and his latest release “Bet It Right” with Ollie Joseph is a reminder to bet on yourself. Hickey has been extremely productive in the last year releasing dozens of singles and his first lengthy project since 2018, the 31 track album titled A Different Kind of Hobby, which largely denotes his devotion to the craft of songwriting. However, in his latest release, linking up with Ollie Joseph, Hickey maintain’s that this isn’t just a hobby for him: he’s fully committed.

TJ is no stranger to setbacks and hurdles, proving that self belief and dedication are essential to moving forward. A former D1 hockey recruit who was cut during his freshman year, Hickey shifted his focus to music and has since toured the US three times and has amassed millions of streams across his discography. His latest release is a certification that hard work does pay off, and his impressive vocal presence and control are assertions that his efforts have not gone ungratified. The track plays like an upbeat banger, perfect for car rides with friends, or if you’re just looking for something to give you that extra boost before the workday. The various moods and flows Hickey utilizes give him potency as a three-dimensional vocalist, capable of floating along the surface of minimalistic instrumentation or blasting off amid a vibrant trap beat. Ollie Joseph is not to be forgotten either. This well chosen feature artist adds another dimension to the track with his gritty vocal presence and sharp message: “leveling up is personal”. Largely, that idea encompasses much of what “Bet It Right” is about. Summarily, Hickey’s latest work is not only fun and engaging, but also offers a much needed message to young creatives, self-doubters, or anyone stuck in a rut.

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