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Tom Bailey Is Enjoying The Journey of Love On “Out of Time”

Falling in love is different for everyone, therefore a feeling of unknown until you experience something you never have before. But Tom Bailey is laying down his emotional journey with the help of Diviners and BUNT. on his newest tune “Out of Time.”

The song carries a sense of enchantment through its production and lyrics. All of the synths create an open soundscape while the use of the banjo provides a sense of uniqueness, such as that of the experience of falling in love, in this electronic tune. Bailey’s voice goes on to caress each lyric and communicate a delicate tale of high emotions. When talking about the lyrics in particular, Bailey says he crafted them around “the journey of falling in love with someone for the first time, being so lost in love time stops and starts, [and] your whole focus in life changes and you fall out of time.”

Tom Bailey is an English multi-instrumentalist producer, writer and performer. Tom graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance after which he soon achieved commercial success as a session musician, a composer of original music for commercials and music libraries, and as founder / creator of a popular YouTube channel offering backing tracks to aspiring writers, singers and jammers. In conjunction, Tom collaborated with a number of artists, co-writing, producing and performing on a number of recordings that have achieved over 60 million streams on Spotify to date.

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