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UK Singer-songwriter James Millier Tugs On Our Heartstrings

James Millier returns with his new single ‘Discover New Memories Together’ which is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Millier is 100% dedicated to crafting melodic and memorable music and most of all, rather than looking to big names, he takes inspiration from fellow musician friends and from the people he collaborates with. Take Ben Hood for example, a songwriter with whom Millier worked on his earliest material, and who inspired him to write future songs. Then there’s Olli Daffarn at Blue Dot Studios who has produced much of Millier’s work including this latest single, about whom Millier says: “he always inspires me to think outside of the box when I have a certain idea and somehow, his inspiration always makes it become a better song.”

2018 really was the year that marked Millier’s passion for having an electronic element in his songs. His charity single “This Life” to create awareness for Scleroderma was described by online magazine “Just Listen to This” as a song that ‘will appeal to followers of Keane or Starsailor’, which has an uplifting sing-along vibe which of course, as the blog says ‘hasn’t done Train or Maroon 5 any harm!’ In 2020, James kicked off his year by releasing electronic-rock song ‘Brand New Start’ on Friday 3rd April, which has had over 60,000 streams on Spotify.

Be sure to go stream James Millier’s new single ‘Discover New Memories Together’ which is out now:

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