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Up and Coming Pop Sensation Mia Mormino Releases New Hit “Rapunzel”

Twenty year-old up & coming pop sensation Mia Mormino has released her dynamic new single “Rapunzel”. The song is one of many featured on her upcoming project, ‘The Seven Deadly Sin-gles’. “Rapunzel” represents the sin Envy, a resentful longing caused by someone else’s qualities. The music video portrays jealousy for another girl amidst a fantasy/whimsical backdrop. Looking into the mirror, she wishes she was someone else. Societies toxic comparison culture has caused her to second guess her natural beauty – she longs to be everything she’s not, serving a message so many can relate to. The video provides a perfect visual to her strong storytelling lyrics; what looks like a fairytale is actually filled with sadness and doubt providing yet another dimension to the song – that things are not always exactly as they seem.

Add “Rapunzel” to your playlist today.

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