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VALLEY Drops Another Anthem ‘Push for Yellow (Shelter)’

It wasn’t too long ago that Canadian, 4-piece Indie Pop group, VALLEY made their debut on RockDafuqOut.  With my first introduction via their tune, “Closer to the Picture”, it was easy to recognize their mood boosting, anthemic, appealing to the masses kind of vibe.

Blending acoustic and Electronic elements, lush layered vocals, incredible top lines, quality production and perfectly crafted arrangements, VALLEY seem to know exactly what they’re doing – and they’re doing it oh so well.  As their latest offering, they have recently released, “Push for Yellow (Shelter)”, and it is yet another great addition to their growing catalog.

Opening with beautiful harmonies and sensitive keys, the mood is instantly set from the beginning.  Leading into the hook, melodic guitar riffs join the party before giving way to a pumping, powerful chorus followed by a beautiful instrumental break.  With a bit of a retro vibe perfectly accentuated by modern production techniques, VALLEY is able to create a timeless tune that I will no doubt be rocking for some time to come.

About the release, VALLEY says, “Push for Yellow(Shelter)’ has been somewhat of a record word piece that we’ve repeatedly reminded ourselves of throughout the creative process. As much as this song talks about the want to escape from what you’re dealing with, it also touches upon the feeling of being stuck in the in-between, the feeling of not having the control to slow down-yet everything around you is constant noise to speed up. Sonically this song also means a lot to us. We sampled a lot of sounds we have collected throughout the past two years of travel, which are spaced throughout the rest of the album.

With three singles released so far this year and no hard date announced for the album, we can only hope it comes soon enough.  I will be patiently waiting.

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