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The alt/pop four piece based in Liverpool, Venus Demilo, has delivered another jam, completing a trio of singles released in 2021, dealing with mental-health. Running Out is a song about cutting the shit and making the difficult decision to make better life choices. In the world today, it’s all too easy to get lost in vices and get stuck in a never-ending cycle of dysfunction, as forms of iniquitous recreation begin to rear their ugly heads in every day life and decision making. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a long hard look at yourself, acknowledge your faults and flaws, and tell yourself, honestly…“I’m running out of love for you”. These lyrics are the theme of Running Out, the newest single from Venus Demilo, written by 1/4 member of the band and guitarist/vocalist, Tom Anderson. The song is an anthem for Anderson, who was generally disgusted with the poor decisions that seemed to be shaping his life, as of late.

“I wrote this song because I had just had enough of making bad lifestyle choices and I was “running out of love” for the version of myself that romanticized these choices.”– says Tom.

The alt/pop track is an upbeat call-to-arms, to stop the weakness that is perpetuating the cycle of wrongdoing, created by giving in to your vices and allowing them to become more than just sporadic doses of blowing off steam. It’s double-entendre style sets you up to believe that the song is about giving up a relationship that is toxic, but with a closer listen, it’s clear that the song is an inner monologue about being accountable in your own relationship with yourself. Especially in the current climate of the world, where people are spending a lot of time with themselves and really exploring with introspection.

A fun, well thought out, composition, Running Out was co-produced by Tom with Alex Quinn (Bandit, Michael Aldag, Spinn) at Parr Street Studios. Venus Demilo has been receiving a lot of love across the UK as of late, receiving support from the likes of Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 Music, Dave Monks of BBC Introducing in Merseyside, Rock FM, Amazing Radio in the UK and US as well as several other radio stations.

Amazing Radio – “There is just too much to shout out, they’re doing loads of great stuff, so make sure you keep up with them!”

Dave Monks, BBC Introducing Merseyside “A great band with loads of momentum at the moment” 

Vents Magazine “very catchy and melodic riffs that will lift up your spirit”

Liverpool Noise – “you’d better jump on to the songs now so you’ll know the words singing along to them on a main stage somewhere in the future”

They aren’t wrong! Venus Demilo is certainly poised to continue creating great, catchy, melodic, well written songs that fit perfectly with the rest of the alt/pop genre.

Listen to more music from Venus Demilo, here:

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