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Video trailer from Jody Bigfoot’s upcoming album ‘Duszt’ to be released this Friday

With his latest solo project Duszt, Jody Bigfoot challenges tropes and preconceptions of contemporary hip-hop, whilst adding a refreshing addition of spiritual esotericism and eastern philosophy to the political roots of the genre.

The upcoming album is accompanied by a feature-length music video filmed on Japan, a place Bigfoot has previously lived. He himself funded, directed, edited and produced the video with camera assistance and German prodigy Tandaro’s support with music production and instrumentals.

The twelve-track album is inspired by concepts of Daoism, Zen Buddhism and classic Japanese directors. Jody Bigfoot is keen to keep the rebellious roots of hip hop alive whilst sprinkling it with the encouragement for spiritual growth. He explores subject such as ego in rap, the daily grind of the rat race, the irony of colonising mars before saving our own home, destiny and Dao amongst more.

The film embodies a yin yang, with the first half filmed at night in urban landscapes and the second filmed at day in Japans serene countryside and temples. The album and movie are designed to uplift its audience and invite them to question what it means to be alive inside a system that is harming its inhabitants and threatening the very life of its host.

Jody Bigfoot has taken on an ambitious project with ‘Duszt’ and it absolutely pays off. This is underground yet it’s also for the people. Jody knows how to pack a punch with both his music and his visuals. This really is something special. Stand by for the trailer released on Youtube this Friday, before then being available to view on Facebook and Instagram.

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And just LOOK at this stunning poster:

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