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Vowed & Benwah Team Up for ‘Slavic Shake’

While RockDafuqOut originally began as an EDM blog – really only featuring tunes that I personally loved – I have found myself much more inspired by genres outside of EDM for the last year or so.  With so many soundalikes and cookie cutter productions, I have become a lot more selective when it comes to featuring Electronic music, but that is not to say sometimes a track will land in my inbox that has me absolutely hooked.

Just last month I was blessed with the new collaboration between Vowed and Benwah, a track titled, “Slavic Shake“, and I have been rocking it heavily ever since.  Far from your festival banger, this tune is built on groove.  A bit of dirt thanks to some well timed gritty synths, ominous melodies and deep pads all come together and lead into an absolutely funky drop that will no doubt get you moving.  While the builds and drops aren’t as in your face as many of the massive tunes of the day, they are just enough to bring some amazing dynamics to the track.  While they switch things up on the second drop to bring a bit of change, I can’t help but find myself going back to that first, pitchy, funky, bubbling drop – it is top notch.While this was my first introduction to both artists, I luckily didn’t have to wait long to hear more.  Just last week Vowed landed in my inbox once again with this heavy KnightBlock collab, “Dimension“.

Let them rock!

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘The Dirt’ playlist on Spotify!

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