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We Can’t Get Enough of Sara Diamond

Montreal based singer/songwriter Sara Diamond has been featured on RockDafuqOut several times over the last year or so.  Via a sting of stunning singles, Sara has quickly become one of our favorite vocalists thanks to her impressive performances and stand out lyricism. 

Having developed as an artist at a young age, recording songs on her mother’s children’s record label, Sara Diamond has been able to hone her skills and find her own sound over years of writing, recording and creating.  Most recently, Sara has unveiled her latest tune, “Ride”, and I knew almost instantly that it was going to be something I’d have to share.  

The smooth as hell, euphoric, outright sexy tune opens with glitchy vocal chops before rich keys and slapping drum programming join the party.  While the production is impressive in its own right, what stands out most (like everything else she releases) Sara Diamonds vocals carry the tune from beginning to end.  Brilliant R&B vibes take over thanks to beautifully crafted harmonies, unforgettable toplines and a vocal control only achieved by someone who has been singing for nearly their whole life.  

With enough contemporary elements to make it feel like a classic, Sara Diamond also brings just the right amount of edge and commercial appeal to make sure this one caters to the masses.  Another stand out release for Sara Diamond and for sure another tune that will have a home in our playlists for sometime to come.  

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Sexy Stuff’ playlist on Spotify!

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