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Weslee Had Me at Hello

It only took about 3 seconds of the new single from weslee to know it was going to be a jam.

Following up on their Radio 1 Hottest Record in the World, “Gassed“, The mysterious duo just released their second single, “Bathwater“, and they have my full attention.

Consisting of Emma & Josh (Last names unknown), weslee has found the perfect balance between commercial Pop and Funky Electronica.  “Bathwater“, is a Synth Pop beaut, built around a pulsing Synth bass, bright keys, peppered electric guitar riffs and slamming drum samples.  Vocally, Emma delivers a stunning performance that is both seductive and memorable.  The highly dynamic track is arranged perfectly with both the vocals and production working together for maximum impact.

All around this is a TUNE.  Way hyped to see what’s next from these two.

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