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What’s Going on Mekon? [VIDEO]

While we at RockDafuqOut have been sharing a lot of Pop and Indie tunes of late, there is nothing like a solid House track to get me all fired up.  When you’ve spent as many mornings on sweaty dance floors as I have, it’s pretty common for some slamming drums and groovy basslines to induce some flashbacks and full body gyrations.

Everything about this new track and video from Denney and Mekon has me hooked.  While the production is simplistic in technique, it has everything it needs to get late night club heads pumped.  True to form, “What’s Going On?“, brings things back to basics and finds itself firmly planted upon the foundation that first brought House music to the masses.

A driving, groovin’ bassline, pounding kicks, rhythmic percussion and some techy elements all come together beneath the classic sounding rap vocals, making the 2017 track reminiscent of so many House hits from the golden years.  Throw in some filters and a solid arrangement and the track makes sure to keep you on your toes (while also keeping you on the dancefloor).

As if that wasn’t enough, the video kicks it up a notch.  Two break dancers strut their stuff on the digitally animated background adding even more nostalgia for who I would assume are this tracks core audience – the club kids… not the candy kids.

No Future Bass synths, no heavy wubs, no giant builds, no giant drops – NO NEED.

Check this one out.. and then tell me what’s going on.

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