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Wild Rivers Captures the Hard Reality of Young Love With “Amsterdam”

When we’re young, we fantasize about every aspect of our adult life and come to learn that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Life’s cruel way of chewing you up and spitting you back out can feel catastrophic for a young person just getting out into the world with little knowledge of how it’s going to change you. Indie band Wild Rivers dives into this feeling on their impassioned new single “Amsterdam.”

Composed of Khalid Yassein (guitar, vocals, keys), Devan Glover (vocals, bass), and Andrew Oliver (lead guitar, bass), Wild Rivers has poured all of their best talents into this tune. “Amsterdam” effortlessly blends beautiful melodies and fervent songwriting to accentuate the band’s captivating performance abilities. The production is simple, but poised perfectly to complement the harrowing and emotive vocals reeling in the lyrical content of heartache and anguish. The tune is a retelling of an actual breakup from one of their friends, with Khalid sharing:

“One day, out of nowhere, he called it all off over the phone. I imagined all the things she had been looking forward to, and I started writing a song from her perspective. Your early 20s are such a hard, transitional age. You’re coming out of your youth and strewn into the real world, and it’s sink or swim. Oftentimes, you make plans and envision this reality that doesn’t pan out as you expected, and that type of devastation felt like a really raw and relatable emotion that I wanted to draw from.”

Wild Rivers first caught attention with their 2016 self-titled debut, followed by their acclaimed EPs, 2018’s Eighty-Eight and 2020’s Songs To Break Up To, which all combined have earned the band 200 Million streams. Having supported artists like The Paper Kites, Donovan Woods and Jake Bugg, Wild Rivers has built a dedicated live following thanks to their charismatic stage presence as evidenced by sold out headline shows across North America, including major cities like New York, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto and more.

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