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World Goes Round Revive Revolution With ‘Rebel Heart’

World Goes Round are back with another certified banger this month. ‘Rebel Heart’ is the synth-soaked song dominating our airwaves this new year. World Goes Round are the groundbreaking band making waves in the popular music landscape with their throwback feel hits. Made up of Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Marty Walsh and Jeff Hull, it’s this group’s rich historic tapestry that makes this group all the more exciting. Back in the ‘80s, these industry titans met working as professional songwriters for huge artists – and I mean, huge. The band boasts an overwhelmingly impressive roster of collaborations between them – Chaka Khan, Queen, Quincy Jones and Dolly Parton to name but a few of an incredibly well-renowned list. The four members of World Goes Round collaborated 1989 to record the album produced by Tommy Vicari (the mind behind the soundscapes from the likes of Prince and Quincy Jones),which ended up never seeing the light of day.  For one reason or another, both personal and contractual, this musical goldmine has languished unheard for more than 30 years. Flash forward to present day, and the goldmine of musical magic, a cassette tape, was finally rediscovered and once again the sensational songs can breathe new life. 

‘Rebel Heart’ is one of these genius gems from World Goes Round, dominating our daily soundtracks since the 22nd of this month. The effortlessly energetic track showcases the outstanding vocal and emotional range of the incredible vocalists Frank Musker and Elizabeth Lamers. Their sensational singing sails over a soundscape of striking synths, creating an infectious eighties energy that radiates from the core of this hit. What is so unfathomably excellent about this coincidental release is how relevant these vintage tracks are. “There’s a revolution going on under your nose – but all you see is your next move,” is an infatuating line from ‘Rebel Heart’. In a year of mass protests, politics gone wild and revolution rearing its head in all sectors of society, it’s as if World Goes Round’s crystal ball was working overtime. 

“Don’t judge someone by who you think they are. Appearances can be deceiving. You might find they have a rebel heart just like you. Be the change that you want to see and believe that eventually, it will happen. And it surely will,” says World Goes Round.

Knowingly or otherwise, World Goes Round have inadvertently provided a prevalent soundtrack for this gradual change. Rebel Heart is the electrifying, energetic hit set to lift our spirits and empower our empty days this lockdown. So, this month let World Goes Round transport you into their sonic universe of empowering, eighties energy. 

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