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You Wanna Rock the Boat – I Wanna Ride the Wave [VIDEO]

LA MC Sidizen King has been carving his own lane for some time now, blending Indie and Electronic vibes into crisp, soulful Hip-Hop tracks.

While his bars alone are strong enough to keep up with the best of them, it is the originality and vibe in his releases that are getting the industry to pay attention.

Usually on top of energetic, melodic Electronic productions, Sidizen King is creating ‘songs’ in the truest sense of the word.  Taking an idea and fleshing it out from beginning to end, creating dynamic, flowing, vibrant tunes.  Often collaborating with other vocalists, each track is layered with thoughtful, well executed intricacies.  Lyrically Sidizen King is a story teller, with every track having a deeper meaning, forcing you to really pay attention to take it all in.

While his single, “Stuck in the Middle“, has been out for a minute, he has just delivered an accompanying music video to go along with the release.  The track itself sees Sidizen King venting about a relationship where both parties are on different pages.  Maybe it’s denial, maybe it’s insecurity leading to the rift – all we know is it leads to them both realizing, “We just might be right, just not right now.

The production by casualkimono is far from a Hip-Hop beat, yet it works perfectly with the cadence of Sidizen King.  Bringing the best of both worlds, together they have found a perfect balance and in the process they are creating something totally fresh and original.

The video itself gives a perfect visual representation of just how Sidizen King is feeling in the relationship.  Seeing him reflect on what they have, while also showing exactly how he really feels.  The creative, distorted world he creates gives us a deeper glimpse into who he is an artist.

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