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Zach Paradis Continues Hot Streak with ‘Red Rover’

Born and raised in Cleveland, now based in Atlanta and ready to make some waves, Zach Paradis has been on a tear in 2019 – releasing a single every month and showing no sign of letting up.  Finding his stride mixing the sonics of Pop and Hip Hop with the melodies and vulnerability of a singer-songwriter, Zach Paradis is pilling inspiration from far and wide while carving out a lane all his own.

His latest release, “Red Rover”, brings fresh acoustic guitar riffs and incredibly catchy hooks, building overtime to kick up the energy thanks to some heavy drum programming and percussive hits.  While the tune feels indie at heart, there is a commercial aura across the track that helps it appeal to the masses – thanks in part to a slick rap verse and ear worm melodies.  

With only a few months left in the year, I have no doubt that Zach Paradis is going to be looking to close it out on a high note.  Make sure you keep an eye out for what’s up next.. and until then, let this one rock on repeat. 

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