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500 year Flood Release Acoustic Single ‘Falling from Heaven’ [VIDEO]

Since first meeting while attending the prestigious New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City, native New Yorker and vocalist Kay-Kay Filizzola and Brazilian-born guitarist, producer, and sound engineer Fili Filizzola had no idea what the future had in store for them.  After beginning to work together and discovering their mutual love for Soul music and groove, 500 Year Flood was formed with the hopes of translating the human experience into beautifully crafted tunes.

Before landing in LA, the duo spent a brief time in Brazil and a couple of years in Denver, all the while honing their sound and captivating listeners with a steady stream of material.  Most recently 500 Year Flood have unveiled their latest single, “Falling from Heaven”, and it is a smooth, acoustic jam that relies on Kay-Kay’s stunning vocals and Fili’s intricate guitar licks to create an emotive and soulful tune that transcends borders and time.  With no distractions, their latest offering is a technical yet minimal tune that puts their love for a well written song front and center and allows each element to feel right at home exactly where it lies.

About the single, 500 Year Flood say, “Falling From Heaven is about a friendship with the potential to turn into a romantic relationship. It’s the beginning of realizing that this person that you’ve known forever is actually perfect for you. That together you could create something really beautiful. The stripped down rawness of the song gives the listener a sense of intimacy. It’s an authentic and vulnerable depiction of what it’s like to want someone.

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