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Abe Parker Brings the Love with Valentine’s Day Release ‘Keep Me Guessing’

Since Abe Parker first landed on my radar only a few short months ago, I have been thoroughly impressed with nearly everything he has dropped since – and he has made sure to keep them coming.  With an impressive knack for melody and lyricism, Abe Parker pens beautiful stories wrapped in song, and I just can’t seem to get enough.  While most of his tunes as of late have been playful Pop smashes, his latest offering sees the multi-talented artist switching gears and delivering a somber, delicate and emotional love tune.

On, “Keep Me Guessing”, Abe Parker allows his voice to shine and his lyrics to cut deep as the production relies on a beautifully composed piano and some ethereal textures to create a dreamlike bed for his vocals to lay upon.  Released on Valentine’s Day, there is no doubt that his latest single is a love song for the ages – timeless and everlasting.  

About the track, Abe Parker says, “Sometimes the most amazing part of a relationship is what you still don’t know about someone. It’s crazy how you could spend a lifetime getting to know someone only to keep finding those little things that keep the spark alive. This song is about cherishing the mystery and falling more in love with someone everyday.

Make sure you check this one out – and if you dig it – do yourself a favor and go see what you’ve missed.  You won’t be disappointed. 

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