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Abe Parker Brings Those Quarantine Vibes with ‘Live with Myself’

Motherf*cking ABE PARKER! Abe popped up on RDFO’s radar in middle August 2019 and has been steadily treating us to musical gems, ever since. His latest jam released to us Live With Myself treats us to more of the dynamic vocals that we’ve become accustomed to, from this artist, as well as his undeniably hummable melodies. In this latest song, the Atlanta based Indie/Pop powerhouse hits us with the perfect pick me up bop for the quarantine lows. A song about learning to love yourself even when you feel trapped in by your own self-doubts and fears.

Once again, it’s clear that Abe’s lyricism and understanding of songwriting is at the forefront of his talent, and perfectly wrapped up with beats to make your head bop while the melody can’t help but bring a smile to your face. His second most recent submission Keep Me Guessing showed a softer side of this talented artist but now – with Live With Myself, Abe is definitely bringing back his Pop prowess and adding in a flair of Indie spice! Let’s face it, if this song was a dish your mouth would be watering. If you haven’t checked out one of Abe Parker’s previous three jams, I won’t judge you. However, my advice would be to start making good choices today and go have a listen to this man! You won’t regret it and I am sure that he will be treating us to some more music, soon!

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