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Almost Awake Releases Stunning Acoustic Version of ‘Cloudwalker’ [VIDEO]

Buzzing Las Vegas Rock group Almost Awake has been on a roll for the last several years now. Between releasing several singles, they keep busy with gigs and regularly tour around the West Coast igniting crowds with their epic live shows.

Lead by front woman Drowsy, the group may have changed lineups over the last year, but their energy and music remains impressive on all fronts.  Kicking off 2019, the group released their long awaited new single, “Dizzy“, and have promised fans that the music will continue to roll out through the rest of the year.

Today, Almost Awake released their long-awaited and highly anticipated acoustic cover of their single, “Cloudwalker“.

Taking the single in a whole new direction, the track is stripped down with only piano, electric guitar and vocals to carry the tune.  While the original may be a pumped up anthem, the acoustic version brings a more sensitive vibe to the track with Drowsy making sure to leave the listener feeling some sort of way with her touching performance.  On the other end of the track, guitarist Grady Jones shows off his guitar chops with intricate melodies and technically impressive string work.  With the new release, Almost Awake was able to transform a much harder song into one that pulls at the heart strings.

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