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Alternative Rock Band ‘Ink To Spill’ Takes A Stroll Down Memory Lane With Their Melodic New Hit “Blo

Just in time for the Mardi Gras celebrations, Ink to Spill serves a soulful, bluesy rock cocktail with a taste of New Orleans jazz drums entitled “Blooming In New Orleans”. The single, set to release on Fat Tuesday (2/25), comes with a video that pairs seamlessly with a Bourbon Street visit. Dipping into nostalgic memories as well as scenes that shaped their Big Easy experience, this video will sell any curious newcomer on visiting The Crescent City. New Orleans, originally founded by the French, exudes a profound aesthetic filled with character. Unlike any other site in the United States, this city’s rich and unique cultural and architectural heritage remains a prominent destination for tourism, even after its major destruction resulting from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In the video, their story starts in Jackson Square with its ‘Five Fold Action’ then travels through the intimate Preservation Hall to the iconic Pat O’Brien’s. Eventually it winds its way back home over Bourbon Street’s cobblestone roads, all the while a man contemplates friendship and temptation. Listeners follow a couple to different areas of the city as they experience the sights through their eyes. The camera cuts in and out of studio shots where members Gus Reeves, Ernie Adams and Ryan Behling let you into their studio recording.

“There’s a flower bloomin’ in New Orleans / A flower bloomin’ that no one’s noticed / A flower engaged to another man, A flower walking with this man”

Lyrically, the song delivers a push and pull between what seems to be a forbidden chemistry between a young couple and illustrations of cobblestone roads and street performers. You can feel the attraction through the screen but the lack of resolution makes you empathize with the lonesome man who despite the romantic atmosphere…never got a kiss. “A flower engaged to another man, Walked home across these cobblestones / Without a kiss…From this lonesome man”. The man has found a beautiful yet unavailable woman, lending a hint of sadness to such an upbeat and joyous track. That’s the thing about Ink To Spill; they aren’t ones to release one- dimensional songs. Their tendency toward conceptual tracks delivers lyrical mosaic’s brushed in friendly, danceable instrumentals. “Blooming in New Orleans” has the potential to sell plane tickets southward as Ink To Spill shares their trip down memory lane with fans coast to coast.

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