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Annalie Prime Shows Her True Colors in ‘Into the Night’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from Chase Village, Central Trinidad, Annalie Prime brings a refreshing and unique take to pop music.  On her latest release, “Into the Night”, Prime seamlessly blends genres while skillfully embracing Pop, Reggae, and the sounds of her city.

Annalie Prime only in her early 20’s released her debut mixtape, “Rebel in Paradise“, in 2013.  The young singers musical roots began at an early age as an active member of her church; inspiring her to connect to music and lyrics on a deeper level.  A connection that is heard and felt in the singers soulful voice and inspirational lyrics in.  On “Into the Night“, her influences, which include, Lauren Hill and Queen (as well as the sounds of her native city of Trinidad) come together to blend into a sound that is uniquely her own.  The new tune helps to show a flourishing artist only beginning to come into her own. 

Her new video leaves you with a feeling of authenticity; giving glimpses into places and people that influence her music.  The visual treatment fits perfectly into the singers lyrics that have come from her strong sense of spirituality and humility.

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