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Brooklyn Based Haulm Delivers Again [INTERVIEW]

Fuckin’ Haulm man.  These guys are on to something here.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were introduced to Haulm via their debut single, “They Came Along“…

Intrigued by their mix of ethereal vocals, analog synths and organic textures, it was a no brainer for us to show them some love.  With a vibe all their own, I was taken back by the authenticity, groove, and overall emotion that they were bringing.  And now they are back with MORE.

Following up on their head turning debut, the Brooklyn based duo has just unleashed, “Settle“, and it continues their hot streak.  Bringing that Haulm signature vibe, the new release is smooth, sexy, moody and all around captivating.  Racking up over 50k plays on Soundcloud alone since its release – it is clear that people are paying attention.  Seeing as we can’t seem to get enough, we figured we have a bit of a chat with the guys.  Check out the new tune below and keep scrolling to check out the Q&A.

RDFO: How did you first two meet and start to collaborate? 

Haulm: We met back in 2010, where our respective bands would open for one another. We didn’t start collaborating until last year, when Reed asked me to sing on a few of his BAILE tracks. That initial collaboration very quickly became Haulm.

RDFO: Do you find it easier or harder working with a partner rather than solo? 

Haulm: I’m not sure we could say its easier or harder one way or the other, but I think its safe to say its more enjoyable to work with someone that is one of your close friend than to be alone in a room for hours.

RDFO: You guys are just starting to build, but the first two releases have been really solid. How long were you creating before you decided to start releasing? 

Haulm: We’ve been working together for almost a year now. Our plan was just to write as much as possible and see if anyone cared at all about it. To our surprise, the handsome men of Grand Jury said they were interested.

RDFO: Favorite place to eat in Brooklyn? 

Haulm: Paulie G’s

RDFO: As a New Yorker How do you feel about the MTA? I only ask because I think they are the worst. 

Haulm: Perfect organization who gets you where you need to be 100% of the time 100% on time. (I got paid to say that)

RDFO: Did you grow up in Brooklyn? 

Haulm: We did not. Reed grew up in Virginia and I grew up in the suburbs of NY.

RDFO: Your music is super vibey. What is the writing process like for you? 

Haulm: Glad you’re vibing. The writing process involves about 40 candles and a bottle of pinot noir. Reed and I wear matching outfits and wrestle until we pass out. Then in the morning we sit down and write music about that experience. Thats how most people do it, right?

RDFO: What do you have coming up next? 

Haulm: We have a new single coming out in January and then maybe something a bit more substantial after that.

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