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Busta K Flips Sage Charmaine’s ‘Not Really’ [INTERVIEW]

RockDafuqOut favorite Sage Charmaine is ready to kick things up a notch in  2020.  After a major year full of touring, releases and growth, the young LA implant is now prepping new material for an onslaught in the new year.

Tying her fans over until the new material is ready to roll, Sage Charmaine has made sure to keep new content coming, including an official video for single, “Around“, and now her latest release, a remix of her single, “Not Really“, by buzzing Paris based producer Busta K.

On the new remix, Busta K takes the tune and flips it on its head, turning the track from angsty, dark Pop jam into a radio ready Dance/Pop smash.  Speeding up the tempo a bit, Busta K incorporates clean guitar rhythms, bubbling basslines and driving drum programming kicking the energy up a notch while also showing the tune in a more friendly and uplifting way.  To get some more insight into the new collab, we made sure to touch base with both Sage Charmaine and Busta K.  Keep scrolling and check out the interview!


RDFO: At such a young age, you have already been able to build a solid catalog.  What was the first song you ever recorded?

SC: I’ve made lots of music over the years but I believe the very first I ever recorded was called “All I Can Say” written as a gift for my best friends birthday about how much her and her friendship meant to me.”

RDFO: How long have you known you wanted to be an artist?  Can you tell us about the first time you performed live?

SC: I feel like I’ve known since forever! As soon as I talked, I sang. As soon as I walked, I wanted to perform, especially after growing up in the church watching my grandparent’s worship team. When I started out, I started at that exact church, which was in Amarillo, and that eventually led to me singing the national anthems at local rodeos which then branched out to nationwide, and honestly that’s pretty much where I got my start.

RDFO: This new remix is tight, how did you come to link with Busta K?

SC: Thank you! He was actually searching for a female vocalist for some work he was doing and we happened to cross paths thanks to my 2nd mommy. We’re also starting to work on other stuff too – just sending stuff back and forth.

RDFO: You had a solid year in 2019, can you tell us how you plan on kicking things up a notch in 2020?

SC: I definitely did! This whole year I want to spend creating so I can release some bomb ass music for my fans to resonate with. I’m not sure as far as shows go, but I know I’m definitely gonna be working on my craft and artistry like crazy all 2020

RDFO: I love your styling and aesthetic.  Can you tell me about some of your fashion influences?

SC: Thank u(-: yes, I’d say iconic style icons for me are definitely My Chem, Lil Kim, and Hayley Williams.  Currently, they’re mostly inspired by different trends I see online mixed with my own spin on it, some instagrammers I like to check out a lot are @overgrownchild17, @death2honey, @spicylilracha, and I like to think I look like one of Kane’s (@fakehauswives) amazing masterpieces.

RDFO: Who would be your dream collab?

SC: It’s hard to say, but I’d say top 3 artists I’d love to collab with would be MCR, The Weeknd, and Rico Nasty.

RDFO: What is it about this song that got you on board to remix it?

BK: I really liked the original version of the song. The idea of a remix came to my mind when I first listened to it.

RDFO:  You put out a bunch of songs in 2019… what is your personal favorite release so far and why?

BK: With no doubts Want Your Body feat. Casey Conroy. I love the story the song relates as it echoes some personal experiences and emotions to me. I very much enjoyed the artistic collaboration as well. Also, this is one of my most successful tracks so far with more than 500,000 streams and I am grateful for the support I have received.

RDFO: Who are some of your influences when it comes to production?

BK: To be honest I do not have any specific influences. I try to be as eclectic as possible, that is why I listen to many different music genres and artists, from Bea Miller and Migos to Benny Blanco.

How would you say the music scene in France has influenced your sound?

BK: Let’s say there is a sort of legacy with the French Touch with artists such as Daft Punk, Breakbot, Justice, David Guetta… A lot of nu-disco, techno… I try to use the energy of these music genres in all of my songs.

What do you have in store for 2020?

BK: A lot of change and new songs. More coming soon on my Social channels!

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