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Callum Pitt is back with Latest Single ‘Ghost’

If you follow the blog, I have no doubt you have seen the name Callum Pitt pop up on the home page. Having first discovered him in 2017 from his song, “Rabbits“, we have ben following his career since and have yet to be disappointed. The UK singer/songwriter known for his fingerpicked guitar stylings and enchanting falsetto has continued to wow audiences at every turn since first launching. Over the years he has only seen his fire burn brighter – from sold out tours, massive support from Spotify, national airplay and landing on stages at massive festivals like The Great Escape, there is no doubt that Callum Pitt has found a way to connect with the masses.

Most recently Callum has teamed up with Humble Angel Records for his single, “Ghost“, which once again helps to cement his spot as one of the most exciting artists to watch in his scene, finding a way to pull on the listeners heart strings thanks to emotive melodies and slow burning rhythms. With his delicate falsetto leading the way, minimal production carried by guitar, keys and strings lend the perfect amount of support beneath while poignant lyrics it is easy to see why he was the recipient of The Alan Hull Award for songwriters in 2019. Continuing to push his sound and his career forward, I have no doubt there is a whole lot more up his sleeve and I will be patiently waiting to see what’s next.

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