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Charlotte Cardin Swoons and Soars On “Meaningless”

We’ve been falling head over heels for Charlotte Cardin, and her newest single has us diving further down into stan territory. The impassioned singer-songwriter captures every nerve in our bodies with her infectious tune “Meaningless.”

The song is constantly pulling you in one direction, only to divert you in another. Starting with a simple guitar groove and Cardin’s smokey vocals subduing our senses, the song seems as if it is going to be soothing and dynamically tame. But then the four on the floor kicks in and creates an unknown anticipation. It all bubbles up for an irresistible soundscape that continues to drown you in Cardin’s lovely vocals. One second, you’re lost in the songstress’ glowing and harrowing vocal layers, then you’re sucked into the disco-infused groove. There’s nothing not to love about this tune and you might just find it on repeat, just as we have done.

Guided by instinct and gifted with a seismic voice, Cardin pens personal anthems about life and love without filter. Following the success of her Big Boy EP across Canada, she made waves worldwide with her major label and US debut Main Girl EP in 2017 and has amassed over 137 million career streams worldwide. Having spent the majority of the past two years locked in the Cult Nation studio, Cardin is primed for a rise back into the spotlight with her album Phoenix, out April 9th

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