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Christian Tiger School!

Check out the new release from Cape Town’s, Christian Tiger School!

Over the past couple years they have been building their catalog while simultaneously growing their fan base with a string of solid releases and performances.  Catching some early attention from the likes of OkayPlayer, Vice, Red Bull and several other note worthy publications, CTS has developed their sound out of their love for Hip-Hop and the LA Beat Scene.

In the studio they blend sounds from whatever sparks their interest.  Sometimes using field recordings, sometimes using vinyl, sometimes vocal samples, the duo use a number of controllers to bring audio from the world together.

Recently signing onto legendary NYC label Tommy Boy to release their new album, “Chrome Tapes“, due out in June, the first offering comes in the form of “Chorisolo“.  This record is all you really need to hear to get a dose of Christian Tiger School’s vibe.

Check it out below and grab your copy HERE.


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