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Chuck Blk Releases Timely New Album “A Scathing Critique of Current Affairs”

Austin artist Chucky Blk releases a transparent and hard-hitting look at police brutality and our current state of civil unrest in his new album “A Scathing Critique of Current Affairs”. His full length album takes a raw approach to tough topics as he tackles issues of race in America. 2020 has allowed conversations about fairness, equality and brutality to reach the surface which has inspired artists like Chucky to write about their experiences. In his new album, the intensity of Chucky’s emotions communicates seamlessly through hip hop and spoken word. In it, he delivers dynamic collaborations with artists Eldon, Slug, Ukeme and Sasha Banks. Leading up to the album, Chucky released singles “(thisishell)” and “Empire Shakes” which received high acclaim from publications like The Hype Magazine & Medium.

In “A Scathing Critique of Current Affairs”, Chucky discusses how the illusion of security has broken despite our society being at the pinnacle of technological advancements. Despite any progress that has been made, 2020 has proven how quickly we are brought to our knees by old enemies including illness, unemployment & racism. He re-evaluates the American Dream and its lack of fairness for minorities and takes a closer look at the continuation of apocalyptic scenarios we face more regularly than we would like. Chucky’s music is documenting history in real time; musicians have a unique opportunity to create a timeless discussion through art right now and his new album is certainly one for the books. Amplifying his voice only a few days before the most important election of our lifetime will certainly have an impact on both fans and new listeners alike.

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