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CHYLD Brings the Sweetness on ‘Cookies ‘N Milk’ [VIDEO]

While Worcester based CHYLD may not be a name you are yet familiar with, he has been unstoppable as of late – dropping off a number of stand out singles, carving a lane of his own in the Electro Pop world.  What first caught my attention from the buzzing artist was his original sound, impressive sound design and feel good vibes – in such a flooded market of independent creators, CHYLD is making sure to bring something new to the table.

Hot on the heels of his recent tune, “Friends“, CHYLD is back with his latest bubbly bop, titled, “Cookies ‘N Milk“.  The playful new tune features tongue-in-cheek lyrics laid out by CHYLD over a self-produced beat that brings a bit of bounce along with a an impressive arrangement and a whole lot of style.  Delivered along with an official video, CHYLD brings the tune to life putting his quirky persona on full display.

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