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Closed Doors Drop Bubbly Debut ‘All Night’

Here comes some new heat out of the Pop capital of the world.  New Electro-Pop duo Closed Doors have recently released their debut single, “All Night”, and I have been rocking it ever since.  Comprised of artists Shivan and Julian, a wide range of influences and cultures are brought together into the new project.  About the collaboration Julian says, “I would say that the connection between us was instant and  we are very productive when we work together. We are two guys going through our own stuff and we’re simply pouring both our emotions into the songs – and I think we show that in what we’re writing.

Opening with smooth guitar and subtle, seductive vocals, the track builds up into a bubbling drop that kicks things up a notch.  Clean production, a fat bassline, pitched vocals and snappy drums all come together to create this undeniable jam.  About the release they say, “The song is based on the frustration that someone feels about how much they want to work for the relationship to work out, but the other party being indecisive and hard to deal with in a situation that is already messed up. The plot builds upon a relationship that has been good, but is starting to see it’s darker days.

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