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Conversations With KiD RAiN: New Single ‘123’, Keeping it Cool, Where He Came from and

Ever since he launched is solo project just last year, I have been telling anyone who wants to listen about KiD RAiN. Hailing from the UK, the new kid on the block has been delivering bop after bop, starting with his single, “Say Yes“, which still remains in rotation in my playlists. From relatable lyrics, to his dynamic vocals to his captivating performances, KiD RAiN has somehow found a way to hop onto the oversaturated Pop scene and bring something that feels fresh. While everything he releases is commercial enough for widespread appeal, each tune also brings his signature flavor, that in my mind, is yet to be duplicated.

Inspired by artists like Lauv, Yungblud and Charlie Puth, KiD RAiN is well on his way to being one of the next biggest exports from the UK. Having already landed playlist support from Spotify and Deezer, been featured on Nickelodeon, toured with The Vamps, secured spins on BBC Introducing and garnered approval from the likes of JC Stewart and Tom Walker, KiD RAiN has hit the ground running and is showing no signs of letting up.

Most recently, KiD RAiN has unveiled his latest single, “123“, and it is yet another perfect example of why he should be on your radar. With bubbly and perfectly executed production setting the tone, he delivers an uplifting, feel-good, saucy tune that is as cute as it is edgy – which seems to be a common theme from release to release. With enough attitude to make sure you can feel comfortable bumping it down the block, it also brings a young love aspect that helps it connect with the angsty teen within us all. About the new single, KiD RAiN says, “If someone asked me to sum up KiD RAiN, I would just show them this song. It captures everything I want to be as an artist in 3 minutes. Fun, energetic, not taking myself too seriously. This isn’t a song for the “cool kids”, it’s a song for everyone else.”

Having been a fan since day one, with nearly every single landing support on site, I felt it was about time to get to know the KiD behind the music a bit more. Keep scrolling to check out our chat and then do yourself a favor and go run up his catalog.

RDFO: I have been a fan since you launched with, “Say Yes”, just last year. Being such a fresh face on the scene, what were you doing prior to that release and how long did you plan and plot before launching that single?

KiD RAiN: I’m not sure how “fresh” this face is to be honest, people can’t usually look at it for long. I have been writing/producing/mixing music for myself and for other artists for years, and it wasn’t until 2019 that I looked on my computer and realised I had over 100 KiD RAiN songs ready to release, it seemed silly to let them go to waste! The music video was a big part of Say Yes too, flying to the other side of the world was a bit crazy for the first single but I’m glad I did!

RDFO: Each release since has more than proven to me that you have developed your own sound and are surely carving a lane of your own. What do you think it is about your sound that is different than other artists in a similar lane?

KiD RAiN: I know it seems silly but I don’t plan or think about these kind of things. I don’t sit down and try write a “KiD RAiN” sounding song and I’m not thinking about where it’s going next. That’s maybe what makes me different to a lot of pop music now that’s formulaic and label driven. I just try write the best song I can, and if it slaps, then it gets released.

RDFO: Being such a massive cool awesome cool singer dude, do you have any advice for people your age who may not feel so massive cool awesome and cool? Seriously though, it seems as if you are approaching your career with a fun and humble outlook (which is always refreshing). Any advice for other kids who may be hoping to try their hand in the music business?

KiD RAiN: LOL someone’s been researching my Spotify profile!! My biggest advice for people who want to do music (who want to do anything actually) is stop googling “how to do music”, stop dm’ing labels “please sign me”, stop reading interviews with KiD RAiN hoping he drops the secret to success, just go out and DO IT. It’s easy to think that there’s someone out there who’s going to make you successful, but there isn’t, if you want it, you need to go do it yourself

RDFO: What was your reaction when you first found out that your new single, “123”, was going to be featured on BBC Introducing?

KiD RAiN: I believe my reaction included a lot of swearing, a lot of punches in the air, a lot of high fives…. that kind of thing, you get it.

RDFO: Seeing as you only recently launched and you are dropping really fine-tuned commercial tunes, can you tell us a bit more about the team you have behind the scenes? All good if you are doing everything yourself, but I can’t help but think there are bigger forces at work here and I always love to pay credit when credit is due.

KiD RAiN: The team is small, very small. I do the music, my brother Ben is my manager and oversees every aspect of my career and Alex makes the music videos. When we’re together we usually don’t get anything done because we end up getting drunk but that’s how I like it. Also Grant Berry at Fader Mastering really helped me get the 123 mix to where it is now, as well as mastering all my songs amazingly every single time!!

RDFO: To date, what has been the most exciting moment of your short career? Was it a performance, a reaction to one of your songs, a nod from a bigger artist, etc. KiD RAiN: In July the whole team was in Croatia. There was a 48 hour period after my second single “Bored Of Love” came out where we had a Nickelodeon collaboration go live, my first ever editorial playlist support on Spotify and multiple record labels getting in touch. It really felt like everything was falling into place and we were all together on a beach to experience it. It was the best.

RDFO: While launching in 2020 probably wasn’t the best timing thanks to COVID and I am sure a lot of gigs have been pushed to the side for the time being. Where are you looking forward to performing in the future and what was your experience like when you went on tour with The Vamps?

KiD RAiN: I am SO excited to play my first ever KiD RAiN shows!!! Performing live is the one card I have in my back pocket that I haven’t been able to show yet but I know its going to be so much fun. The Vamps tour was one of the best times of my life, it was easy to get sucked into learning everything you can about an arena tour and trying to take away as much as possible, but the main thing was to try live in that moment and enjoy it as much as possible. I am so grateful for that experience.

RDFO: What should we be keeping an eye out for and what are you hoping fans takeaway from your music?

KiD RAiN: This latest release has really given me a boost of energy and the music that’s coming out of my computer is really reflecting that. Expect more bops. Lots and lots and lots of bops.

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