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Dylan Owen and Abhi The Nomad Collaborate on Single “Bruises,” a Song to Combat Loneliness

NYC rap artist Dylan Owen has the unique ability to know what the world needs; on Monday March 30th, he’ll release his collaboration with Austin, TX-based artist Abhi The Nomad entitled “Bruises”. Inspired by the feeling of what Dylan describes as ‘rock bottom loneliness’, the track delivers a rainy day mood paired with the raw, introspective lyrics that Dylan is known for. “The mood of “Bruises” is like a day where it’s permanently pouring rain, and a shield of gray permeates everything you see in the world.” says Dylan. He goes on to say “I wrote this song early on a Saturday morning in New York City where it was just like that. It had been a rough week after a big business meeting about my music turned out to be a major letdown. I wanted to take things into my own hands, just recording in my bedroom with nothing but my microphone and the beats on my computer.”

Now more than ever, people are feeling the effects of loneliness as social isolation kicks in throughout America in the face of the coronavirus. While the narrative for “Bruises” was inspired by letdown and disappointment, the themes remain all too relatable and frankly, topical.

“The students walk to school carrying hopelessness, The young business people trade loneliness / The teenage lovers write forever they’ve been sold a myth, I keep looking at my past as if it’s where all of the rosy tinted moments live” – Dylan Owen

Dylan’s synergy with Abhi the Nomad is unmistakable. Both of their diehard fan bases are bound to be excited to see them finally team up after the two artists have been friends online for years. Both Dylan and Abhi are coming off successful album-release years; Abhi’s Modern Trash has garnered him love from over 800K monthly listeners on Spotify and Dylan’s Holes In Our Stories is fast approaching 1 million plays. They shared an organic experience by co-writing “Bruises,” a somber, very personal record created through a series of demo recordings sent back and forth between NYC and Austin. Dylan writes that our emotional experiences color how we see and understand the world, using bruises as a metaphor for things that impact and stick with us. Abhi also references how our perspectives color the way we see the world in his verse: 

“California water wouldn’t wash the stains, Stains all in my pictures hanging hope they never fall / Got the paint dripping to fit the canvas in these palace walls.” – Abhi The Nomad

With his own brand of confessional, heart-on-sleeve storytelling, Dylan has built an undeniable fan following who relate to the meaning and life experiences captured in his songs. His honest lyrics have drawn comparisons to Conor Oberst and Elliott Smith. Dylan has shared stages with Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Watsky, Yelawolf, and Skizzy Mars; his fans have streamed his songs more than 11MM times on Spotify and his music has been praised and featured by Revolt TV, PepsiCo, WWE Smackdown, MTV, For Folk’s Sake, and most recently, Paste Magazine. His recent listening event in NYC attracted dedicated fans and followers who lined up at the merch table waiting to have their Polaroid added to Dylan’s book of memories from past shows. With each new single, Dylan offers listeners a certain amount of depth and wisdom that tends to lack in today’s saturated digital era. He delivers a unique break from the norm by impressively pairing poetry with engaging narratives about real life experiences as well as an inner dialogue that many don’t realize they even have. 

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