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FIERO soar on their brilliant debut EP ‘Reunion’

Following on from the love and praise they have received for their previously shared singles ‘Coupe’ and ‘Between The Bars’, emerging dream-pop duo FIERO have now released their highly-anticipated debut EP ‘Reunion’, led up by the release’s title-track.

Much like their material to date, the ‘Reunion’ EP looks to capture the bright and unavailed majesty of their warm and euphoric aesthetic. Showcased by the collection’s title-track, the duo bring back more of that soft yet impactful direction that has been blowing up across numerous publications over the last few months.

Speaking about the new EP, the band said,“everything in existence is one. this oneness has never been more clear than now with the cause and effect of individual actions affecting the whole. when you see more of life you realize everything eventually comes together or collides or collapses. all appearance of separation or division are temporary and are serving an eventual and inevitable reunion. the oneness cannot be divided; not in any real sense. these songs are sensitive and pulsing as the heart is as it journeys through the wilderness into that promised land. fiero means bold and i like to think of it as the abandon that comes when you have nothing left to lose and everything feels cheap except what’s in your heart.” Listen to the ‘Reunion’ EP in full:

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