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Fika and Fabich Supply a Surreal Listening Experience on “Missing Me”

The latest collab between London-based duo, Fika, and genre bending producer, Fabich, is a surreal listening experience. Both having garnered immense support, with Fika being featured on a multitude of Spotify editorial playlists and Fabich receiving a UK VMA nomination. Certainly, this collaboration exemplifies the best of these up and coming artists and marks a new period in their development as future superstars. 

“Missing Me” begins with fluttering synths and smooth vocals, creating an enclosed and focused space that fluctuates and develops. Cool guitar licks come to the foreground and perfectly complement the staggered keys as they fade out. The tapping beat grounds the sound deep in the vocals, creating a gray area within how “Missing Me” is to be categorized, or not. Somewhere between neo-soul, in sound and sentiment, and electronic music with precise and intricate synth development, Fika and Fabich allow the listener to explore many different possibilities of interpretation. Largely, “Missing Me” is about necessity, seeing your loved one yesterday but still longing to be with them, and most importantly knowing that they feel the same way. The composition of this genre-bending track brings about pensive feelings that stretch out one moment into a miniature eternity. “Missing Me” works as both a late-night Summertime anthem as well as a comforting source of perspective.

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