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FYOHNA Are at it Again [INTERVIEW]

LA Indie Electronic duo FYOHNA have been turning heads with their signature blend of intoxicating vocals and intricate Electronic productions.

Following the release of their Hype Machine Top 10 single, “Ghost Heart”, which RockDafuqOut (oh shit dats me) called, “a beautifully crafted sonic soundscape”, Katarina Gleicher and Elliot Glasser are back once again with a new tune titled, “Called It Love”.

Their latest release brings the FYOHNA vibe back in full force.  With Katarina delivering on vocals, the production relies on deep bass lines and intricate synth work peppered throughout to deliver a downtempo, emotive and bouncy jam.

Seeing as this is the second time we are featuring them on the site, we decided to catch up with them for a quick chat to let people learn more about this dynamic duo.  Listen to the track below and keep on scrolling for a quick Q&A.

RDFO: How did you come up with the name FYOHNA and what is the significance? 

FYOHNA: FYOHNA is sort of an alter ego. Someone we feel represents both of us and someone who can take responsibility for everything I say. We also just really love the way it sounds.

RDFO: I love the visual aesthetic on everything you guys put out there. Did you guys already have this kind of fashion sense before or was this something that was developed. 

FYOHNA: Visuals are super important to us. We always try and have a really strong sense of what our music looks like, and that changes song to song. I would say that visuals are really half of the creative process for us. All the details and colors in our videos and photos are intentional and we love using clothing as another way to express the music. We were both separately into fashion before this project and it has been fun to see our style develop with our music.

RDFO: Your tunes always feel haunting and emotional. Do you create from an emotional place? 

FYOHNA: Our music never happens in one way, but I don’t usually write unless I have something to say, and normally when I have something to say I am feeling something. So yes, I do always write from an emotional place.

RDFO: How did you two first come to meet? 

FYOHNA: Well, we really met at school. I remember one of my best friends saying, “you’ve got to work with Elliot” and I just sort of nodded and didn’t think much of it. But in my last year of school we were in a songwriting class together and things just sort of happened. We wrote “Misjudged” together and that was that.

RDFO: Is there an EP or album in the works that this is all leading up to?

FYOHNA: There is something in the works :).  We are currently working on our 2nd EP – due out in 2018.

RDFO: Was “Ghost Heart” the first time you ended up in the Hype Machine top 10? 

FYOHNA:Ghost Heart’ is the first time we were on the Hype Machine top 10. It was awesome.

RDFO: What do you two like to do when you are not rocking as FYOHNA? 

FYOHNA: What do we like to do when we’re not rocking as FYOHNA? Does eating count as a hobby? Because I love food. One of my favorite things to do is dinner. Also dancing has always been a part of my life in one way or another. I have a lot of friends who are dancers and I am always so in awe of them. One of my favorite dance companies in LA is called Szalt, and I love seeing their shows when I can. I love movement in general and we include it a lot in our visuals.

RDFO: Favorite thing about LA? Least favorite thing about LA?

FYOHNA: My favorite thing about Los Angeles is that whatever you’re into, it’s here. You can find it and be completely immersed in it. My least favorite thing about LA is that you can’t walk anywhere!

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