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Get To Know: Burn The Disco [INTERVIEW]

With it’s addictive beat and heart-racing excitement, Burn The Disco‘s newest song “Go” refuses to leave my mind. With a rising Electronic scene in his hometown of Albuquerque and listeners from New York to Australia, Burn The Disco is sure to set fire to every venue he steps foot in. With this kind of global recognition, one has to ask how he got his start and where he was introduced to the music he creates that so easily passes international borders.

RDFO: Nowadays, your music and shows really revolve around the Electronic music scene. When you were growing up, what kind of music were you exposed to?

BTD: I grew up listening to a lot of Hip Hop music. My brother and sister would listen to a lot of it. I remember always being interested in the production of the tracks, the culture, and the vibe. The beats to me were the best part of the songs. I was heavily influenced by 2000s era Hip Hop. Everything was so unique and different. It had a groove and bounce unlike anything I have heard at the time. Later on down the road I would go on to getting into Rock and Metal music, and from there I started diving into more and more genres.

RDFO: So at what point was Electronic music introduced to you? Were you immediately interested in the genre?

BTD: Electronic music was introduced to me during high school. It was during a class I was taking called Digital Audio when I discovered what kind of electronic music intrigued me. It was on a Friday during class, we would have listening sessions every week in a listening room and everyone got to play a track and we would all take notes on how it sounded, the production of it, how it was produced, etc. My friend threw on a Bassnectar track. It was the first time I heard Hip Hop blended with Dubstep music and I thought that it was the dopest thing ever. After that, I asked my buddy for some music to listen to and I started digging deeper myself and fell in love with Electronic music.

RDFO: And was this class what got you interested in producing music?

BTD: Yeah, I started learning how to play guitar before I was producing music. I started writing songs on guitar, I just wanted to know how to record it and make it sound good. I remember for one of my final projects you had to team up with somebody and you had to make an original song that had to have one recorded element in it and my friend and I recorded my guitar. I remember sitting there and watching my friend tweak it and make it sound really cool, I thought, “Damn that was so cool!” That sparked my interest even more.

RDFO: So how did you get everything started?

BTD: I was talking to the teacher and I was mentioning all this cool stuff I wanted to do and he was nice enough to burn me a copy of FL Studio on a CD and it was game over from there. Every time I came home I went on my computer and was messing around just producing. I was producing a lot of dubstep music, and I was also recording my own guitar songs and adding some drums to it and I started producing more electronic music than dubstep and I came up with the name SK-ONE as my first alias.

RDFO: Was there a moment when you realized that this was something you wanted to do full-time?

BTD: There wasn’t really an “aha!” moment, it was just having fun and learning new things. I think what really solidified that for me was getting recognized for it. Back when I started, I would produce tracks and I would just throw ‘em up on SoundCloud. I wasn’t trying to build a brand or a fanbase, I just wanted to show people.

RDFO: And is that something that plays into your shows? I’m sure the crowds can really push that feeling.

BTD: I love the energy of the crowd, that’s something that can’t be replicated, especially the feeling you get after a good show. I can’t explain it, but it inspires you and pumps you up. You could be in a creative rut but then you play that one show and the heart gets relit.

You can listen to “Go” in the link above, but if you wanna get a better look at Burn The Disco, check out his Milk N’ Honey mixes where he explores other genres he’s into.

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